Greetings rottweiler lovers!

I'm Tomaz and I come from Postojna - Slovenia, small but the most beautiful country in the world. Some of you may know my hometown from a very popular "Postojna cave". It is one of the most beautiful caves in the world. One specialty is a small animal Proteus Anguinus, also called "human fish" - that is why I decided to name my kennel "ANGUINUS".

Postojna cave Postojna cave

I have taken interest in rottweilers and registered my own kennel in 2000, when I bought my first rottweiler - son of Furst Wolfer Turm .Since then I have been addicted to them

Together with my wife Anja and my precious 2 daughters Tanita and Žana we try to give our dogs a loving and caring home.

We are a small kennel, which stands by princible:" Small kennel with few dogs ensures better concentration towards development of each individual person and character of a true rottweiler."

It is in our effort to breed a complete rottweiler in temperament, conformation and working ability. All our dogs have ZTP test made.

Raising healthy puppies is a priority that is why all our studs and breeding females have HD, ED, JLPP & DNA tests made.

In our kennel our wish is to breed dogs with strong blood lines and show dogs of supreme quality. We are also Home of World's best ADRK breeding group 2009.

ADRK match

Thank you for visiting our homepage and come back once in a while to keep updated with our current dogs and breedings.

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